Florescer Program celebrates 20 years of actions for the community

Social responsibility initiative by Instituto Elisabetha Randon (Elisabetha Randon Institute) promotes actions towardsand citizen education for young people in vulnerable situations.
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This Friday, March 18, the Florescer Program, a social responsibility initiative of the Instituto Elisabetha Randon (IER), celebrates 20 years of existence with a decisive social impact on the trajectory of thousands of children and adolescents in Caxias do Sul and other cities. The education and human development actions, carried out in the opposite shift to the regular school classes, are offered to the public between 6 and 15 years old which are in the context of social vulnerability. In addition, the Florescer Professional Initiation Program offers young people aged 15 and 16 training for the job market.

The president of IER, Maurien Randon Barbosa, highlights that the trajectory of two decades attests to the success of the Program's mission to develop people. "In Florescer activities, children and teenagers find a direction for life, as we combine family and school, in addition to complementary activities, such as robotics, music, sports and other practices that contribute to integral education. As a result, our youngsters are educated for life, supported from childhood to adulthood through work”.

In addition to the two units of the Florescer Program in Caxias do Sul, located next to the factories of Empresas Randon, in the Interlagos and Forqueta districts, the initiative also has consolidated social franchises in Rio Grande do Sul and Paraná: Florescer Abraçaí, in Bento Gonçalves (RS); Florescer AMMA, in Vacaria (RS); Florescer Instituto Zilmo Scanagatta, in Erechim (RS); and Florescer G10/Rodoparaná, in Maringá (PR).

Number of assistances confirms social impact

Since the creation of the Florescer Program, in 2002, thousands of children and adolescents have had access to educational and human development activities, in addition to professional training.

Considering the Florescer centers in Caxias do Sul and the franchises, about 15,900 children and adolescents were benefited. The houses in the Interlagos and Forqueta districts, in Caxias do Sul, account for 6,900 assistances, with 98% of users achieving passing grades in school. Beginning in 2004, Florescer Professional Initiation has already had the participation of 990 youngsters, with 85.66% of users achieving passing grades.

Over the course of two decades, the program's social franchises have already provided approximately 8,000 assistances. Currently, Rio Grande do Sul has units in Vacaria, which has already received around 1,500 users at the Associação de Meninos e Meninas Assistidos (AMMA), reaching 95% of passing grades among users; in Bento Gonçalves, where 2,300 assistances were carried out at Abraçaí, with 70% of passing grades among users; and in Erechim, 57 children and adolescents who have been through the Instituto Zilmo Scanagatta since its foundation in 2020, with 100% of passing grades among its users.

In Maringá (PR), a unit is in operation through a partnership with G10/ Rodoparaná. There are a total of 827 youngsters assisted and 98% of passing grades among users. Florescer has also had social franchises in Ribeirão Preto (SP), Curitiba (PR), Farroupilha (RS) and Balneário Piçarras (SC).

Highlight for the 20th anniversary during Festa da Uva (Grape Festival)

The anniversary of the Florescer Program, as well as other actions developed by the Instituto Elisabetha Randon, took place during the 33rd Festa Nacional da Uva, which ended on March 6.

Exhibition of photos, videos and texts valued the 20 years of the program, with testimonies about the impact of this initiative on society. The choir and a string quartet from Florescer also performed to the public at the Empresas Randon's stand, during the event.