New R: innovation and sustainability guide a new concept for the future of Randon Implementos

New positioning includes new technologies that integrate the company's products and services, focusing on economy, productivity and environmental care in cargo transportation

The commitment of Randon Implementos to innovation to develop products that are increasingly safe, technological, sustainable and profitable for the carrier is strengthened through the New R Line, which renews the brand's positioning in the market. The concept guides the company in the development of a series of technologies and solutions that comply with the pillars of modularity, electromobility, sustainability and embedded intelligence. As a result, increased safety for road operations, profitability for the carrier and significant gains for the environment.

“With the New R line, we maximized the development of technology translated into an intelligent implement, with benefits for cargo transport and for the operator, combining safety, profitability, and sustainability”, highlights the superintendent director of the Assembler Division of Empresas Randon, Sandro Trentin.

The signature of the New R line is the main visual element that will illustrate the rear of the company's implements. This Thursday, the 30th, there was the release of a special film about the new positioning, along with the social media campaign. Also in July, Randon Implementos releases the new generation of the bulk trailer (Graneleira) line, the first product fully aligned with the New R concept.

The move shows that the company is aligned with mobility megatrends, which include the increasing use of smart materials and innovation allied to the fight against climate change.

"For Empresas Randon, innovation in transportation is a non-negotiable value. With the New R concept, we began a new moment for the company, working with even greater commitment on our ambitions related to the environment and social responsibility”, stresses the CEO of Empresas Randon, Sérgio L. Carvalho.