NIONE presents first product with niobium nanoparticles

Nanotechnology research, production and application unit has developed first type of premix for use in protective coatings
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NIONE, a unit of Randon Companies and Fras-le that operates in the development, production and application of nanotechnology, presents to the market its first product: a premixture with niobium oxide nanoparticles, which will serve as a basis for application in protective coatings. The addition of this product to the coating allows gains in corrosion resistance, color durability and brightness, besides allowing ultra-fast drying, with gains in the application process. The novelty was presented together with the inauguration of the company's manufacturing unit, located in the city of Içara, southern Region of Santa Catarina, on Friday, December 3, in the presence of executives and employees.

NIONE's first partner in the development of this product is WEG Tintas, which will have as a client Fremax, also a member of Randon Companies. Fremax contributed by launching the challenge of obtaining greater corrosion protection of its components, especially those destined to the European and North American markets. The guidelines and technical specifications guided the creation of this solution that will initially be applied to brake discs, giving even more quality to the items offered by the company, which reinforces the company's vision of product innovation. The WEG Group company worked jointly in the research and development work of the application of niobium nanoparticles in its new line of protective coatings.

Laboratory tests with niobium-based coating confirmed the exponential increase in resistance against the action of corrosive agents, showing, in some cases, gains greater than 400%. "The new product with niobium nanoparticles provides gains in technical performance, such as greater corrosion resistance, color and brightness, in addition to ultra-fast drying. These characteristics will reduce energy demand, allow the use of thinner layers with the increase in coating life that, associated with a water-based formulation, will contribute to an even more sustainable process", explains the director of NIONE, César Augusto Ferreira.

In the coming days, WEG Tintas' new protective coating with NIONE nanostructured technology will be on sale. Fremax's new line of brake discs, with the application of this coating, hits the market throughout 2022.

Also, according to Ferreira, the development of solutions with niobium nanoparticles is not limited only to the use in protective coatings. "We continue in the development of nanostructured products for the most diverse applications, with emphasis on metallurgy, electronics and chemistry", says the director of NIONE.

Constituted in August of this year, NIONE represents the consolidation of the strategy of Randon Companies in the search for new technological solutions in materials.

"This is a disruptive discovery for the world market, with the potential to open up new opportunities for different industrial sectors and that motivates us to continue investing in this purpose. Within our focus on ESG, it is a robust strategy that reinforces our concern to develop our business with sustainability and appreciation of scientific and technological knowledge", points out the Executive Vice President and COO of Randon Companies and CEO of Fras-le, Sérgio L. Carvalho.