Positioning: Resumption Of Randon Companies

Resuming the activities after the holidays
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Randon Companies have as a priority the health and safety of their employees and the community. The company has taken all necessary measures to assist in combating the proliferation of Covid-19, including stopping operations for 20 days. At this time, the company understands that it is also necessary to contribute actions that can minimize the impacts on the local and global economy. Therefore, aligned with the Caxias do Sul City’s Decree and together with the Union of Metallurgical, Mechanical and Electrical Material Industries of Caxias do Sul – Simecs, Randon Companies gradually resume their activities, with 25% of the staff, as of April 13.

 The company points out that the resumption of its production is fundamental, since the transport of cargo is an essential service for this moment, especially for the supply of food, medicines and other fundamental inputs. In addition, the production of Randon Companies is also focused on aftermarket parts, fundamental for vehicles that are already on the road to continue traveling safely. 

 Randon Companies is deeply engaged in the resumption of the recovery in a safe manner and to continue with the commitment to preserve the health of its employees and the entire community. We list below the most relevant health and safety measures ever taken by the company: 

- Measurement of temperature of employees in the accesses to the company.

 - Screening stations in the units to assist employees who present symptoms or want to clarify doubts.

- Use of sprayers and other hygiene resources to further strengthen hygiene processes.

 - Maintenance of as many professionals as possible working remotely (home office).

 - Hygiene of transport before each use.

 - Use of visuals to indicate optimal distance in shared spaces such as restaurants, changing rooms and transport.

 - Increased ventilation in common spaces.

 - Sprays for cleaning work equipment.

 - Higher number of washbasins at the entrances of the restaurants.

 - Adaptations in restaurants to have the minimum necessary handling by several people of items such as breads and seasonings.

 - Online safety training.

 - Provision of respiratory protection masks and fabric for employees who feel the need.

The company is also working on initiatives and donations to contribute to the main needs at this time:

 - Along with Marcopolo and Simecs, donation of R$3 million to the campaign “Caxias contra a Covid-19”, initiative of CIC Caxias, MOBI and Caxias do Sul City Hall aimed at buying respirators.

 - Donation of 50,000 bottles of alcohol gel for truckers, in an initiative that will include 14 Brazilian states, with the support of several partners.

 - Inputs so that the Universidade de Caxias do Sul can manufacture respirators and alcohol gel for hygiene to be used by the health network.

 - Personal protective equipment for the hospital network of Caxias do Sul.

 - Donation of fabric for the production of about a thousand masks for the Mão Amiga Project.

Randon Companies emphasize that they will continue to strengthen health and safety measures in their units and that they will continue to follow the guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO).