Randon Implements is loaded with novelties at Fenatran 2019

Changes are present throughout the catalog. Expansion of cargo capacity, increased connectivity and the anticipation of trends are the highlights of the products on display.

Randon Implementos, one of the members of Randon Companies, turns 70 this year and it arrives at Fenatran 2019 with innovations in all of its main product lines. One of the highlights is the increase in embedded intelligence. The innovations and novelties come in the form of materials, processes and designs, with the aim of offering new features to customers and the market. There are changes to the Aluminum Tanker, General Cargo Trailer, Sider, Modular Dolly, Sugar Cane Trailer, Platform and Bulk Carrier, Semi-trailer all selected to reveal a transformative potential solution.

Aluminum Tanker - the debut of new partnership with greater load capacity

A gain of 5,000 liters compared to the use of carbon steel in the implement’s load tank

Debuting in style from the recent partnership between Randon and Triel-HT, the new Polished Aluminum Tanker has a Tank with a load capacity of 50m3. In comparison to the similar tank made from carbon steel, the gain in volume reaches 5,000 liters. And this is reflected in versatility: the product is compatible with the transportation of fuels and light chemicals, thereby expanding the possibilities of freight.

The big differentials appear in the high-tech components. The new Randon Triel-HT Aluminum Tank features the Tecnotravas System for the control of valve and lid opening, which in addition to allowing real-time satellite monitoring, increases the control over the load. And it comes equipped with a disc brake and TAS (Trailer Air Suspension) system, all with the recognized quality and safety of Randon Auto Parts.

Safety is the most valued attribute with embedded electronics: the smartboard EBS braking system monitors and reports load and implement data such as tire pressure, axle weight distribution and stability control. Another new safety feature is the reverse camera, which increases visibility during maneuvers.

The implement features single wheels and aluminum rims that contribute to the gain in load capacity. Another highlight of the tanker is its polished finish, which gives an excellent visual appearance and highlights the arrival of this novelty in the market.

New General Cargo Trailer - Greater sealing and lower weight

With a new design, user friendly operation and an innovative fastening system, the product is now 600kg lighter

The General Cargo Trailer presents complete redesign by Randon Implementos. The great innovation is in the union of the panels. With the adoption of the Clinch system, which fixes the cladding plates to the structural columns of the trailer through a mechanical forming process, it was possible to eliminate approximately 5,000 fixing rivets - and consequently also the holes. Result: Significant improvement in sealing and strength of the cargo box structure. The technology is new in the semi-trailer segment.

As an added bonus, it also has a new internal structure with lighter columns, slats and rebar which bring gains in volume and expand the configuration options available to customers.

The chassis has also gained a number of structural improvements, including a new axle specially designed for controlled applications. The floor had its structure modified, it now has high strength “hang glider” crossbeams, as well as longitudinal shaped plates made from special steels. With these changes, in addition to improved performance for forklift and pallet truck movement, the trailer now boasts a weight loss of 600kg.

The use of modern modular structure concepts provides a combination of higher availability with simple and fast maintenance. In another set of new features, the doors are now locked to the frame, which combined with the full roof and new sealing systems, protect against water and dust. In addition to this, they have a more ergonomic and easy-to-operate latch system, with a rear access ladder and new hand grip that provides more safety in all situations.

New Sider - Lighter, connected and suited to market requirements

Embedded electronics focused on safety, agility of operation and a product that is 300kg lighter

In line with the other lines of Randon Implementos, the new Sider presents a new redesign of the floor structure. With the new “hang glider” crossbeams and high strength plates combined with longitudinal welding it makes the structure lighter and more suitable for forklift and pallet truck movement. This also results in an additional benefit: a product that is 300 kg lighter.

The new side profiles are now solid, without welding or splicing, ensuring more strength to the product’s structure. The cargo fastening system has also been redesigned. Now, in addition to the traditional fixed ratchet fastening system, the new Sider features holes in the crossbar structure, allowing the operator to choose between tying the load with lower movable ratchets or preserving the access to the components inside the cargo box.

The roof structure and profiles now have better sealing and ease of maintenance. The mobile columns provide more ergonomic and safe operation. And the new doors, similar to those of the new trailer, are now locked to the frame, ensuring better sealing and easy maintenance with a more ergonomic and easy-to-operate latch system.

To top it off, a wide range set of high tech novelties. One of the main ones is the new auto-steering axle with movable suspension tips for wider suspension, which ensures less tire wear, greater maneuverability, safety and longer component life. A perfect combination with the EBS stability control braking system integrated with the smartboard, an embedded electronics component that monitors and reports important load and trailer data. Functions such as tire pressure monitoring, load distribution, proximity sensors and height control for dock operations are operated by a central control panel or an application connected to the trailer.

Bulk carrier - New chassis and cargo box

One of Randon's best sellers presents a new design overhaul and a concept proposal that reduces its weight by approximately 500 kg

To the standard configuration, several enhancements requested by customers have been introduced. The cargo box has undergone a design review, with significant new features, such as the change to a flat front, the new rear dumper’s closing and opening system, and changing the distance between the tie rods. The chassis has been redesigned, increasing the frame's strength and service life, repositioning options and accessories such as the food box and side guards. A new retractable bumper is being introduced with a weld-less tubular profile that is lighter, more ergonomic and quieter, also meeting the requirements of legislation with a geometry that protects the reflective adhesive.

At Fenatran 2019 a concept proposal will be presented, with the third generation of the differential that is recognized by the market as the true signature of the Randon Bulk Carrier: the Ecoplate panel. A differential, which in its previous versions, since its launch in 2005, has been used in more than 70,000 semi-trailers and has had sales of 1.5 million units. The concept combines the advantages of the two previous versions to offer a weight reduction: aluminum frame on the cargo box side panel covers which offer lower thickness and higher strength and an aluminum floor. It also has a new sealing system, which provides better opening and closing operability and greater durability. For a standard 12.40m bulk carrier, the weight reduction is approximately 500kg. With significant gain in net load capacity.

The new concept of the Ecoplate 3 panel combined with the aluminum frame reduces the weight of the product’s side cover by almost half, compared to the standard version.

Modular Platform - Exclusive “3 in 1” for the international market

The bolt mounted suspension allows for installation on different models

Developed to serve the international market in the most varied terrains - city, mountains, coasts, jungles, mountains - it has as its great differential its versatility of assembly. The fully bolted suspension allows for the installation of several different models. This concept guided the rest of the development of the product.

In addition to the suspension, the supports for the spare tire, the tool box, the lifting device, the stowage boxes and the structural parts of the product are also bolted. The external profiles are prepared to receive Ecoplate or metal side covers, or the placement of wooden stanchions, as well as having the detachable rear bumper. All of the lighting is LED, suited to meet the demands of the foreign market, allowing for quick and easy replacement.

The Modular Platform is considered a “3 in 1” type in the company's catalog. It works as a Platform, Container Carrier and Dry Cargo carrier, offering logistic gains to the export model.

Sugar Cane Trailer - Smaller tare, higher technology and safety

Greater agility and precision in the decoupling process

A specific product for the sector that makes up Brazil's most significant economic matrix, agribusiness, the Electro Hydraulic Landing Gera for the Sugarcane segment is another example of the concept that Randon brings, with increasing intensity, to the market: implements that are lighter, safer and more efficient with more intelligence.

With its unique design, state-of-the-art technology and excellent field performance, the landing gear delivers agility and precision in the decoupling process which is essential for the demanding sugarcane operations. Highlighting the unique rotating tip, which absorbs the variations and imperfections of the ground, ensuring the stability of the semi-trailer when uncoupled, even under load. Thinking about ergonomics, the system eliminates the use of manual locks, bringing more safety and comfort to the operator. Care for the environment could not be left aside: the hydraulic circuit is closed, shielding the system from oil leaks.

Dumper Road Train with New Modular Dolly - Even Lighter and more versatile for all the product groups

Additional capacity of 250 kg net load

A product already recognized by the Randon Implementos brand, the Dumper Road Train comes to the market without the need to use rollers to open the back cover when tilting. The result of the launch of the new Modular Dolly, which has a new design, with a lowered camshaft, a tubular structure that prevents the accumulation of grain during unloading and brings an innovative concept in chassis mounting.

The specific design of the New Modular Dolly allows for the same chassis to be used across all product groups. Just by changing the camshaft, the modularity attends to the various lengths of combinations and models of rigs, which are joined by a Spherical Hitch or Kingpin. The Kingpin is combined with another new addition to Randon's portfolio. The company now offers Fifth Wheel coupling between road train sets, between the front semi-trailer and Dolly's camshaft. The JOST Fifth Wheel with polymeric plates combines lower environmental impact, longer product durability and easy maintenance.

As a result, the New Dolly allows for 250 kg more net cargo to be carried. The benefit is even greater thanks to the new JOST Forged Aluminum wheels, which are equiped on the Road Train Dumper on display, reaching a combined gain of 600 kg.

High technology security in all products

Randon Implementos has included in all their products a range of high-tech features that, in addition to offering broad spectrum enhancements, are designed to address and reinforce one particular issue: security. In most cases, investing in the increase of time and useful life conditions of materials.

All the semi-trailers at Fenatran now feature the well-known wide-gauge chassis and axles concept, ensuring greater stability and less wear on suspension components and tires.

With the new option for rear auxiliary lights, which significantly increase visibility when maneuvering in low light environments.

The fifth generation of the 5G pneumatic brake circuit has the advantages of improved braking efficiency, fewer components in the circuit and the new automatic parking brake actuation function, thereby increasing safety in downhill and uphill coupling situations.

Standard 100% LED electrical installation with the ADR (International Road Transport of Dangerous Goods) standard anti-flame protection also ensures greater product durability and safety.

The use of the outboard radial hub axle facilitates maintenance of the brake system as there is no need for component removal. Lighter than the inboard hub, it has better lid sealing and greater brake system ventilation.

With the Lub Free rocker that does not need lubrication, the product gains performance and durability, while significantly reducing its environmental impact.

The Clamp system extends the service life of axle assemblies and mechanical suspensions. The main feature is that the system eliminates the use of welding between the support and the shaft beam, increasing the strength of the components.

And the DuraTech paint, which follows the same quality and finish standard as automotive paint, results in increased durability, strength and retention of gloss and color. The innovation consists of the preparation and pre-treatment of the surfaces of the products and parts to receive the bottom (e-coat) and the top coat.

For Randon Companies Assembling Division COO, Alexandre Gazzi, Randon is a forward-looking company that is constantly seeking to anticipate market trends to generate more customer business opportunities.

“The values of our 70-year legacy take precedence over anything new. During this moment of increasing connectivity, when conceiving each innovation, we start from the idea of preserving our greatest asset, which is the relationship with people. Whether inside or outside the factory, on the street, on the road, in the homes of those who work with us or with our products, what we want from the beginning is to live up to the recognition of this brand as a synonym for quality and safety,” says Gazzi.

Light line with growth expectation

The Randon brand’s Light Line, represented by equipment manufactured at the Chapecó (SC), Caxias do Sul (RS) and Porto Real (RJ) plants, is expected to grow gradually this year. Net revenue is expected to increase by 47% compared to 2018, due to the positive business signs from the beverage segment and the cautious recovery in civil construction, notably involving the dumpers.

To project such performance, Randon Implementos relies on the Randon Network and its more than 160 locations in Brazil and abroad. In addition to well-structured partnerships in Guarulhos (SP), Resende (RJ), Curitiba (PR) and Betim (MG), strategically located close to truck assemblers for body implementation and with vehicle modification centers.

A partnership that positively impacts the Light Line business involves the OEM segment, which includes the development of products with higher payload and according to the specifications of the automaker.

Randon also has new production bases. One of them is in Erechim (RS), where Randon Triel-HT has been operating since August, as a result of a joint venture with the Triel-HT Group in the specific road equipment segment. With the capacity to produce 300 units/year in the Light Line (in addition to 800 in the heavy line), the new company represents the expansion of the current portfolio with the inclusion of other Light Line products to serve the national and international markets.

Replacement parts gets an even more competitive line

In the aftermarket segment, the portfolio that already has genuine and original parts has now gained the addition of StradaR. A quality line approved and recommended by Randon, with development and testing at the Randon Technology Center (CTR), capable of offering safety and reliability with the best cost-benefit ratio in the market.

Now the customer can choose between three lines, according to their needs. Item availability is the same for all. Original parts: produced by Randon Companies, with all the quality and guarantee, are the same parts that make up the products, preserving the Randon DNA. Genuine parts: Manufactured or purchased from partners, being exclusive or patented by Randon. StradaR: tires and parts approved and tested for those looking for greater competitiveness, without losing the quality and tradition of Randon products.

To support the network of distributors in Brazil and abroad, the Randon Replacement Parts branch in Linhares (ES), which was opened in June, has 8,000 pallet positions and a capacity to store up to 2,000 different spare part items in a total area of 20 thousand m².


Photo: Maicon Dewes