Randon Ventures invests BRL 13 million in Grupo Delta, a reference in services and technology for carriers

Such investment is the highest one made by the company in its first year of operation
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On February 08, Randon Ventures, the investment and start-up company acceleration unit at Randon Companies, announced an investment in the Delta Group, a national reference in technology and services for the insurance and transportation segment. The company will invest BRL 13 million, the highest amount invested since entering the market in February 2020.

expand its customer base, prioritizing, at first, synergies in financial services.

“This investment accelerates our strategy of increasingly offering more technologies that are in tune with the most recent digital trends of the market for the logistics and transportation ecosystem. These new services are in complete synergy with our business, providing solutions that will further improve the experience of our customers”, says Daniel Randon, CEO of Randon Companies. 

According to Grupo Delta CEO Nícolas Galvão, “the arrival of Randon reinforces our commitment to playing a leading role in this technological evolution that the transportation, fleet and insurance markets are looking for. There is an alignment between the two companies, and the potential for expanding our services and launching new technologies are huge. It’s only the beginning for us.”

The moves made by Randon Ventures are more and more connected to the universe in which Randon Companies operates, presenting new possibilities for the market and bringing synergy to the business. “Every step we take on our transformation journey confirms the assertiveness of our strategy. This allows us to envision new business opportunities for the company, stimulating the development of innovative products, technologies and solutions”, stresses Daniel Ely, CTO (Chief Transformation Officer) at Randon Companies.

This move consolidates Randon Ventures' rapid growth, while at the same time making way for the company's latest priority, which is to focus on start-up companies that are in more advanced stages of development. In addition to the Delta Group, Randon Ventures has already invested start-up companies TruckHelp and Soon (formerly known as Reboque.me). In a recent partnership with 4all, the creation of a new company, in order to offer digital financial services, was also announced.