Randon Ventures leads investment round in Money Money Invest fintech

Investment will leverage startup and enable partnerships that accelerate synergies with the Financial and Digital Services of Empresas Randon

Randon Ventures, one of the companies in Empresas Randon, announces a new movement to invest in startups. The company leads the most recent round of investment of BRL 7 million in the Money Money Invest fintech, a platform that connects investors willing to lend money to small and medium-sized entrepreneurs looking for credit. With the contribution, the startup seeks to consolidate its operations, strengthening the business model and expanding the customer base served.

Through the method known as P2P lending, Money Money offers loans to small and medium-sized companies with more attractive conditions than those offered by traditional financial institutions, using an online platform that simplifies and makes access to credit more accessible. The model is based on shared economy concepts.

For Empresas Randon, in addition to the investment made, the partnership with the startup will serve as a tool for accelerating the processes carried out by the Financial and Digital Services business units. “The synergy between our performance and Money Money's work model generates a great trail of discoveries. Our expertise in financial operations, combined with the automated model for granting credit, paves the way for the construction of an agenda of disruptive products and leverages learning to work with new company profiles”, highlights the director of Banco Randon, David Félix.

With this move, the eighth in two years of operations, Randon Ventures reinforces its investment thesis. “We bet on startups that are at a more advanced stage of development, such as Money Money, which offers the market a differentiated credit offering experience, connecting investors to entrepreneurs in search of resources. With this, we also complement the range of synergies between the investees and the entire ecosystem linked to Empresas Randon”, highlights the company's Director of Business and Digital Strategies and director of Randon Ventures, Mateus de Abreu.

Money Money Invest has already carried out more than BRL 30 million in loans to around 350 small and medium-sized companies and has 1,600 investors connected. “Attracting good partners and developing strategic partnerships is fundamental in every startup's journey. Having Randon Ventures with us gives us the opportunity to accelerate our growth cycles, given the synergies between our businesses and the ecosystem constituted by Empresas Randon throughout these 70+ years of history”, highlights the CEO and co-founder of Money Money Invest, Marcos Travassos.