Suspensys and Volkswagen Trucks and Buses sign unprecedented partnership

Randon Companies Unit will have assembly line at Volkswagen Trucks and Buses industrial complex in Rio de Janeiro
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Suspensys, a unit that integrates Randon Companies, and Volkswagen Trucks and Buses (VWCO) signed a partnership agreement for the company's entry into the Modular Consortium maintained by the assembler. The operation will take place inside the VWCO industrial complex in Resende, Rio de Janeiro, where the pneumatic suspensions of Volkswagen commercial vehicles will be mounted.

In an unprecedented partnership between the two brands, Suspensys, which specializes in the development of suspensions and axles, will be responsible for pre-assembly of pneumatic suspensions for Volkswagen trucks and buses. It will also be the supplier of the modular full-air suspension system jointly designed by Suspensys and VWCO for its vehicle portfolio. Since its creation, which complete 25 years this July, it is the first time that the Modular Consortium of Volkswagen Trucks and Buses will receive a partner for a new component. 


According to the executive vice president and COO of Randon Companies, Sergio Carvalho, the consolidation of this business model, amid the challenging scenario that the world lives, shows that the company is thinking about the future, in which innovation and partnerships like this will be even more strategic. "To integrate the Modular Consortium further strengthens the relationship between Randon Companies and Volkswagen Trucks and Buses which for more than 30 years have established an important commercial partnership. With the investments and the supply of pneumatic suspension systems, more than improving our portfolio, we are strengthening together with the market, our positioning as a company that presents innovative solutions to customers", Carvalho points out.

The phase is now to implement this agreement with a pilot phase from October 2020 and expected to start effectively in 2021. Over the next few months, Suspensys will install the assembly line in its building, which also houses VWCO's Customer Forum. An area of 4,000 square meters will be dedicated in the space, where the state-of-the-art equipment needed for the operation will be installed, maintaining all current VWCO activities in the Customer Forum.

"This ad is emblematic for us. The agreement comes to meet a demand in the market: increasingly, our customers will seek the comfort and operational efficiency that pneumatic suspension provides to vehicles and we are prepared for it. In the midst of this difficult scenario that the industry is experiencing, we established a new partnership because we believe that the future will be better and promising", evaluates the president and CEO of Volkswagen Trucks and Buses, Roberto Cortes.