Our people - Empresas Randon

We are people working for people.

Within our factories and offices, we are thousands of people working to create integrated transportation and financial service solutions.

Our greatest strength

We only got to our 70 years young because our way of being and doing starts with the appreciation of people.

Our way

We are part of the digital transformation
We have innovation cells with people from different areas and backgrounds to drive digital transformation for the entire company.
We value diversity
We understand that a company is only ready for the challenges of the future if it is diverse and respectful of differences.
Autonomy to grow
At Randoncorp, each person is in charge of their own career. We give support and autonomy so that each person can project their growth.
Collaboration in all processes
We only got to where we are because we collaborate and work together to connect more and more people and wealth.

Principles that guide our work


Qualificar Program

Our Young Apprentice program is developed at the Randoncorp / SENAI Professional Education Center, at the company's facilities in Caxias do Sul. The Qualificar Program students have trained teachers and an infrastructure of over 1.5 km² with classrooms, a library, a computer room and a large workshop. Thereby preparing them to enter the job market.


Interested in working with us?

Our selection process is fully digital - more agile and transparent. Learn more about it with this step by step instruction.


Everything and everyone in one portal

Our selection process takes place entirely on the Randon Careers Page (Gupy). This is where you and all other applicants search for available positions, submit your resume and track your selection. All in one place, easy and accessible for everyone.



All information and details about vacancies is found on the Careers Page, just a click away.



To register your curriculum, simply access the Careers Page, register and track all your selection process there. In one place, it is really easy.


Selection progress

On the page you can see the step by step progress of the selection process. Keep an eye on your on-site message box and email to be notified of the next steps in the process.


Been selected?

When you are selected, you will be notified via the Careers Page message box, by email, and by telephone.


It is committed people that make Randoncorp a company with a global presence.