Sustainable innovation on the road: e-Sys electric auxiliary traction system undergoes field tests

Semi-trailers of the Hybrid R line will run on roads in the South and Southeast of the country
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Empresas Randon are completing yet another step in the development process of the innovative e-Sys electric auxiliary traction system. The company carried out the technical delivery of two models of semi-trailers from the Hybrid R line, from Randon Implementos, equipped with pioneering technology led by Suspensys, for the field testing phase with partner companies. At this stage, the engineering and research teams seek to monitor the behavior of the product in real use on the roads in the South and Southeast of the country.

One of the largest food companies in the world, BRF, is receiving a Hybrid R equipped with e-Sys of the Refrigerator model, for transporting cargo between company units in the states of Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina and São Paulo. The semi-trailer is operated through BRF suppliers, starting with the company Tombini & Cia.

The G10 Transportes group, which brings together five important transport companies and is among the largest logistics and road transport companies in the country, will use a Bulk Carrier model to move agribusiness cargo on highways in Paraná.

Another Bulk Carrier model was already tested at the end of last year for the transport of grains between the north of Rio Grande do Sul and the west of Santa Catarina, in partnership with Cooperativa de Produção e Consumo Concórdia – Copérdia, one of the largest in the agricultural sector in Santa Catarina.

During a period of 30 days, the test vehicles are monitored to collect data on the reduction in fuel consumption achieved by using the electric traction system in the semi-trailer. The truck drivers received training with test pilots from Randon Technology Center (CTR), where all the testing phases have taken place so far.

With an innovative and sustainable concept, the e-Sys is an electric auxiliary traction system developed exclusively by Empresas Randon, in a partnership between Suspensys and CTR. It acts as an auxiliary energy recovery system generated during descent and braking movements for moments of need for traction such as climbing and overtaking.

Depending on the application, loading condition and the road traveled, fuel savings can reach up to 20%, providing less wear on components and contributing to less waste generation and gas emissions. Estimates indicate that, in this range, the reduction in carbon emissions can reach 96 tons per year, for example, making an important contribution to the transport sector in the fight against climate change. “Tests are crucial in the development process. Through the experience of our partners, consolidating the necessary parameters, we will be able to make an innovative technology available to the market, which contributes to the efficiency of the operation of the carrier and collaborates with the challenges of the transport sector in reducing greenhouse gas emissions”, highlights the CEO of Empresas Randon, Sergio L. Carvalho.

The Hydrid R semi-trailer line, equipped with the e-Sys solution, was introduced to the market in 2019, after two years of development, and has been undergoing several stages of testing and approvals for the start of commercialization in the course of 2022.