JOST introduces never seen solutions that combine electronic sensing and sustainability

JOST Brasil brings Fenatran 2019 a set of innovations that combine electronic sensing and product sustainability
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The main supplier of coupling components and systems to the world's largest truck assemblers and road implements, JOST Brasil brings Fenatran 2019 a set of innovations that combine electronic sensing and product sustainability. The solutions have never been seen and are unique in the country.

One of the new features is the LubeTronic 1point system, which allows exclusive and automated lubrication of the king pin. The electronic feature injects into the connections only the exact and required dose of lubricant, according to a schedule that adjusts volume and time interval. Thus, in addition to saving grease, it also significantly reduces environmental impact and eliminates the need of an operator.


Safety is fundamental in all of JOST products and processes. That's why it emerges with an even greater emphasis on another highlight to Fenatran 2019: the fifth wheel coupling sensor system. A set with three specific functions (in king pin placement, in the implement table height and in the fifth wheel lock) signals the coupling condition on the dashboard - which can be provided by JOST Brasil or the vehicle's own factory-equipped onboard computer. The system considers the coupling process complete only when the three sensors are in the correct positions, with visual and audible indication to the driver. Otherwise, it signals to prevent further action.t

Both solutions are already available in the company's expanded portfolio: The Fifth Wheel JSK 37CXW with polymeric wear plates, meets demanding applications and can be purchased with coupling sensors and LubeTronic. With the LubFree concept, which does not require grease on the block, the product is ideal for applications requiring cleaning and environmental control. It is suitable for rigid applications such as tanks, tippers, silos and 9-axis B-trains.

In the sugarcane application, the driver's ally is the Fifth Wheel JSK 39CS with Air Release system, which allows automated opening of the locking mechanism and coupling sensor. In addition to reducing user effort in coupling and decoupling operations of the semi-trailer, it also reduces the time required for this operation, which is very common in sugarcane transportation. The innovation has a double checking system, which acts only when the stationary brake is applied, which ensures greater safety and reliability during the process.

All products are worldwide trends in safety, environmental care and technology investment concerns that facilitate the operation. In addition to expanding the conditions of comfort and ergonomics, with possibilities to control inside and outside the cabin.

For the aftermarket, JOST Brasil reinforces the importance of using original parts and parts approved by certifying bodies, such as INMETRO, which results in safety in all stages of transportation. This is the case with JOST's latest release: the aluminum wheel. A lighter, stronger and certified product with world-class quality and now with the JOST brand. Aluminum wheel technology increases load capacity, fuel economy and reduced tire wear. Even the spare tire carrier has something new, after a factory upgrade with process improvements and weight reduction, JOST presents an even more competitive product.

The company also has a culture of customer proximity through technical and practical work in the field, which disseminates the differentials and benefits of using original JOST products, reflecting concern for the end customer's brand experience.


Photo: Marcelo Moiscardi