Randon launchs a company for investments in startups

Randon Ventures invests in new technologies for the segments of logistics, financial services, insurance and mobility of things as a way to expand the company's portfolio. The first round foresees BrL 3 million investment and acceleration of up to 12 startups
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On Tuesday, February 18th, Empresas Randon announced the launch of an investment company in startups. Randon Ventures, which has an initial value of BRL 3 million in the first investment round, seeks to create new business opportunities for the company, bring the organization nearer to innovation ecosystems, and stimulate research projects involving new technologies.

Randon Ventures will be primarily focused on segments that complement the company's business, such as logistics, financial services, insurance, and the mobility of things. “By networking with startups, we want to expand the services and products offered by the company and acquire learning to further accelerate organizational innovation at Randon,” said Empresas Randon CEO Daniel Randon.

In the photo, the CEO and co-founder of ACE Startups, Pedro Waengertner, and the Empresas Randon Director of Planning and HR Daniel Ely. Photo: Guilherme Mello

To invest, co-invest, and accelerate startups, Randon Ventures has ACE as a partner that collaborated in the construction of the governance process for the new company. In addition, there are also other partners, such as Ventiur and Baita Aceleradora. According to Randon, the expectation is to boost up to 12 startups in the first year of operation. “We know that this relationship results in mutual gains because we have the startup's innovation skills, with concepts of agility and disruptive ideas, combined with the strength and experience of an organization with 70 years of presence in national and international markets,” said Mr. Randon.

In addition, Randon Ventures invests in the development of the communities where the company operates, contributing with training, mentoring, and support for new innovation ecosystems. According to Daniel Ely, Director of Planning and HR, Randon Ventures arrives to integrate something bigger that is being built in Empresas Randon. “In recent years, Randon has been undergoing an intense process of transformation and innovation in our business, in our processes, and in our culture. This new company comes to further boost these disruptive initiatives, necessary to keep up with the constant changes in the world ”, adds Ely, who as of April takes on the position of CTO (Chief Transformation Officer), a new role recently presented by the company that seeks to lead the organization's transformation process.

TruckHelp - Randon Venture's first investment

Randon Ventures has just been launched, but already has its first investment. This is TruckHelp, a platform of solutions and services for truck drivers and shipping companies with tools that connect this audience with auto parts and auto repair shops. The startup responsible for the solution is from Paraná and has been in the market for four years. “We were excited to find a startup so connected to our business. It will be a partnership that will bring exclusive and relevant benefits to truck drivers in Brazil”, said Ely.

The startups that are interested in contacting Randon Ventures may access the website of Randon Ventures.